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Plummer (Silver Street) Cemetery, Milton, NH    

My recollection of the exact location of this cemetery is vague, but a MapQuest search for Silver Street in Milton should put you in the ballpark. I do remember having to trek through some heavy underbrush behind a private residence to get there, but it's possible I entered from the wrong direction. Regardless, this small cemetery is quite well maintained, and most of the stones are legible and in relatively good condition.


Andrew_Dore_gravestone.JPG (141974 bytes) Andrew Dore

Son of John & Charity (Wentworth) Dore

Mary_Ricker_Downs_Dore_gravestone.JPG (146388 bytes) Mary (Ricker Downs) Dore

Wife of Andrew Dore

Wentworth_Dore_gravestone.JPG (132579 bytes)

Wentworth Dore

Son of John & Charity (Wentworth) Dore 

lydia_dore_gravestone.jpg (37623 bytes) Lydia (Kimball) Dore

Wife of Wentworth Dore

Lydia_Dore_Jesse_Knox_gravestone.JPG (151294 bytes) Jesse & Lydia (Dore) Knox

Son-in-law and daughter of Wentworth & Lydia Dore

Simon_C_Dorr_gravestone.JPG (153800 bytes) Simon C. Dorr

Son of George & Jane Dorr

Hannah_W_ Hill_Dorr_gravestone.JPG (127280 bytes) Hannah W. (Hill) Dorr

Wife of Simon C. Dorr

Infant_Dorr_ gravestone.JPG (156011 bytes) Infant Dorr

Child of Simon C. & Hannah W. Dorr

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