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Mount Prospect Cemetery, Amesbury, MA    

Mount Prospect Cemetery is a very large public cemetery located near the center of Amesbury, Mass. The Dorr family plot is marked by a large stone bearing the family name, surrounded by several simple fieldstones listing only the first names and dates for the persons buried there.


Dorr_gravestone_Amesbury.JPG (157069 bytes) Dorr Family Plot Marker
Alice_Ann_Strangman_gravestone.JPG (163845 bytes) Alice Ann Strangman

Former wife of Franklin Walter Dorr

Horace_P_ Dorr_gravestone.JPG (207034 bytes)

Horace Porter Dorr

Son of Franklin & Alice Dorr

Violet_Cooper_Dorr_gravestone.JPG (177809 bytes) Violet Victoria (Cooper) Dorr

Wife of Horace Porter Dorr

Clifford_B_Dorr_gravestone.JPG (186019 bytes) Clifford Banks Dorr

Son of Franklin & Alice Dorr

Laurence_D_Dorr_gravestone.JPG (174776 bytes) Lawrence Douglass (Doug) Dorr

Son of Franklin & Alice Dorr

Martha_Welch_Dorr_gravestone.JPG (197360 bytes) Martha Jane (Welch) Dorr

Wife of Lawrence D. Dorr

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