Dore/Door/Dorr Deaths
Last Name First/Middle Name Date of Death Place of Death Village How Long a Resident Years Months Days Place of Birth Date of Birth Sex Color M, S, W or D Occupation Cause of Death Duration Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Cemetery Name of Father Name of Mother Birthplace of Father Birthplace of Mother Deceased was Widow of Occupation of Father Comments
Dore   11/5/1805 Somersworth         1 Somersworth   M White Single             James Dore Patience Dore          
Dore Abbie 4/21/1895 Milton     73 11 0 Newfield, ME   F White Widowed Housewife Cancerous tumor   Milton Mills     Phineas Howe Hannah Ham Newfield, ME Newfield, ME   Farmer  
Dore Abigail (Clark) 3/31/1877 Ossipee, NH     79     Wakefield, NH   F White Single Farmer Cancer         Jacob Clark Bertha R. Clark          
Dore Alphida 3/17/1900 South Berwick, ME     90 10 0 South Berwick   F White Widowed Housekeeper Senile decay   Rollinsford, NH     Samuel Wilkerson Margaret Earle(?) S. Berwick S. Berwick   Farmer  
Dore Alvah 7/12/1900 Ossipee, NH   77 years 77 2 0 Ossipee 6/12/1823 M White Married Farmer Cancer of face About a year Ossipee 7/14/1900 Chick              
Dore Alvie 4/5/1809 Alton, NH       5 22 Alton, NH   M   Single             Benjamin S. Dore Betsey Lord          
Dore Amasa 1/26/1883       70 0 0 Lebanon, ME   M White Married   Heart Disease         Joseph Dore Hannah Wentworth Lebanon, ME Lebanon, ME   Farmer  
Dore Andrew 12/17/1866       95 0 0 Lebanon, ME           Old age         Daniel Dorcas Garland          
Dore Augusta (Fox) 4/2/1914 Milton Milton Mills   100 10 27 Acton, ME 1813 F White Widow   Heart failure   Mitlon Mills, NH 4/5/1914 Milton Mills James Fox Sallie Thompson     Eliphalet Dore Farmer  
Dore Benjamin S. 1/5/1822 Alton, NH     39 3 29 Alton, NH   M                              
Dore Betsey 1/3/1883 Manchester     65 9 18 Madison, ME   F   Widow   Typhoid pnuemonia                 John Dore    
Dore Brackett 10/9/1907 Rochester, NH Pickerings Crossing 37 years 85 0 22 Milton, NH 9/17/1822 M White Married Blacksmith & farmer Suicide by means of a shotgun Short Somersworth, NH 10/11/1907 Forest Glade Daniel Dore Margaret Clark Milton, NH Brookfield, NH   Farmer  
Dore Charity 3/16/1867       78 0 0         Single   Consumption         Daniel Dore Dorcas Garland Lebanon, ME Rochester      
Dore Charles A. 3/26/1910 Dover, NH   50 yrs or more 70 4 4 Alton, NH 11/22/1839 M White Widowed Hotel prop Pneumonia 3 days Dover, NH 3/29/1910 Pine Hill Oliver Dore Francis Dore Alton, NH Alton, NH   Wheelwright  
Dore Charles O. 12/11/1931 Tuftonboro, NH   10 years 59 6 9 Dover, NH 6/2/1872 M White Married Farmer Pneumonia 6 years Dover, NH 12/14/1931 Pine Hill Chas A. Dore Gemima Leavitt Alton, NH Tuftonboro, NH   Hotel Proprietor  
Dore Charles W. 5/12/1901 Wolfeboro     54 10 11 Ossipee 7/11/1846 M White Married Laborer Brights disease 6 months Wolfeboro 5/15/1901 Pine Hill Albert (s/b Alvah) Dore Hannah Hansen Ossipee, NH Ossipee, NH   Farmer  
Dore Cinthia M. 5/23/1850       4 0 0             Scarlet fever                     Recorded by Ossipee town clerk
Dore Clara A. 1/30/1927 Farmington   Always 66 7 14 Farmington 1/16/1860 F White Single Housekeeper Acute interestrial nephritis 2 months Farmington 2/2/1927 Pine Grove Henry Dore Susan L. Rollins Alton Alton   Farmer  
Dore Clara J. 5/6/1895 Ossipee     23 1 3 Ossipee           Cholera   Dore Cemetery     Herman R. Dore Sarah E. Dore Ossipee Danvers, Mass.   Farmer  
Dore Clarence 4/22/1935 Ossipee, NH   Life 74 9 19 Ossipee 1861 M   Married Farmer Labor pneumonia 9 days Ossipee 4/24/1935 Chickville Frank P. Dore Lucy Pepper Ossipee Salem, Mass.   Farmer  
Dore Clifton Scott 7/30/1898 Wolfboro       8 23 Wolfboro   M White     Spinal meningitis         Henry F. Dore Sarah A. Hanson Ossipee Wolfboro   Laborer  
Dore Cyrus H. 11/26/1906 Wolfeboro, NH     46 0 0 Ossipee, NH 4/20/1860 M White Married Farmer Chronic nephritis 2 years Wolfeboro 11/28/1906 Wiggin Alvah Dore Hannah Hansen       Farmer  
Dore Daniel C. 10/7/1915 Farmington   61 years 69 3 22 Alton, NH 6/15/1846 M White Married Shoemaker Carcinoma of chin 15 months Farmington, NH 10/10/1915 Pine Grove Henry Dore Susanna Rollins Alton, NH Alton, NH   Shoemaker  
Dore Eliphalet P. 2/10/1868       59 6 15 Milton   M White Married Shoemaker Consumption         Beniah Dore            
Dore Eliza N. (Chick) 2/5/1890 Dover     50 0 12 Maine   F White Widow Dressmaker Disease of brain         John G. Chick Eliza Hide Ossipee, NH     Farmer  
Dore Elizabeth 10/31/1857 Milton     47 0 0     F       Disease of liver                      
Dore Elsie D. (Stimpson) 3/21/1915 Dover, NH   66 years 87 2 2 Maine 1/19/1828 F White Widowed None Old Age Gradual decline Dover, NH 3/25/1915 Pine Hill Enoch Stimpson Nancy Payson Maine Maine Ezekiel Dore Farmer  
Dore Etta C. (Tibbits) 10/26/1912 Wolfeboro   42 years 52 3 23 Ossipee, NH 7/3/1860 F White Married Home Chronic myocarditis Two years Wolfeboro 10/28/1912 Wiggin ? F. Abbott ? J. Mears Ossipee Ossipee Ervin Dore Farmer  
Dore Eunice 3/??/1869 Ossipee, NH     80 0 0 Ossipee           Old age         Legro            
Dore Eunice 7/15/1817 Alton, NH     5 7 0 Alton, NH       Single             Abijah Dore Eunice Legro          
Dore Ezekiel 8/13/1909 Dover   64 years 89 2 27 Ossipee, NH 5/16/1820 M White Married Shoemaker Senility   Dover 8/14/1909 Pine Hill Beniah Dore Eunice Dore       Farmer  
Dore Ezra 3/31/1877 Ossipee, NH     68 0 0 Ossipee, NH   M White Single Farmer           Beniah Dore Eunice Dore Saco, Maine Saco, Maine      
Dore Fannie L. 7/28/1882 Lynn, Mass.     28 0 0 Ossipee   F White Single   Consumption         Alvah Dore Hannah Ossipee, NH Ossipee, NH      
Dore Frances 2/23/1904 Dover, NH   50 years 90 9 23 Alton, NH 4/30/1813 F White Widowed Housekeeper ? Age and fracture of neck & femur 24 hours Dover, NH 2/25/1904 Pine Hill Abijah Dore Eunice Legro Lebanon, ME Lebanon, ME Oliver Dore Farmer  
Dore Frank P. 10/15/1914 Ossipee, NH Mt. View Life 78 1 15 Ossipee 8/30/1835 M White Married Farmer Valvular heart disease 2 yrs. Ossipee, NH 10/17/1914 Chickville Beniah Dore Hannah Pressey Ossipee Ossipee   Farmer  
Dore George W. 3/26/1875 Wolfeborough     11 0 0     M White Single             Emory Dore            
Dore George W. 12/6/1929 North Wolfeboro     66 4 22 Ossipee, NH 7/14/1863 M White Married Farmer Angina pectoris, arterio sclerosis 10 yrs North Wolfeboro 12/10/1929 Wiggin Alvah Dore Hannah Hanson Ossipee, NH Ossipee, NH   Farmer  
Dore Hannah (Hanson) 1/27/1908 Ossipee, NH Chickville Life 81 8 0 Ossipee, NH 5/??/1827 F White Widowed Housewife Interstitial Nepharitis 2 mos. Ossipee, NH 1/25/1908 Chick Isaac Hanson Mary Church     Alvah Dore    
Dore Henry 2/15/1882 Alton     88 5 24 Lebanon, ME   M White Single Farmer Consumption         Henry Dore Sally Lebanon, ME Lebanon, ME      
Dore Herman R.   Ossipee Moultonville Life 80 11 22 Ossipee 2/9/1839 M White Widowed Farmer Abscess of prostate   Ossipee 2/3/1920 Dore Cemetery Ezekiel Dore Abigail Clark Wakefield Wakefield   Farmer  
Dore Ira A. 11/21/1916 Springvale, ME   1 year 47 5 0 New Durham, NH 6/22/1869 M White Married Foreman of shoe factory Cerebral Hemmorhage 16 hours Sanford, ME 11/23/1916 Oakdale Chas. H. Dore Orrissa Adams Alton, NH Lisbon, NH   Shoemaker  
Dore Irvin (Ervin) 9/3/1937 Wolfeboro, NH     72 5 5 Ossipee, NH 3/28/1865 M White Married Farmer Chronic Endocarditis 4 yrs. Wolfeboro, NH 9/6/1937 Wiggin   Hannah Hanson Ossipee, NH Ossipee, NH      
Dore Jacob C. 1/25/1898 Ossipee     73 0 0 Ossipee   M White Widowed Painter Brights disease       Family Cemetery Ezekiel Dore Abigail Clark       Carpenter  
Dore James E. 4/16/1931 Dover, NH   Life 77 0 16 Dover, NH 3/27/1854 M White Single Retired Cerebral hemorrhage One day Dover, NH 4/18/1931 Pine Hill Ezekiel Dore Elsie Stimpson NH Maine   Shoemaker  
Dore James F. 11/24/1912 Milton Milton Mills Life 69 1 21 Milton 10/3/1843 M White Married Farmer Brights disease Two weeks Milton 11/27/1912   Eliphlet Dore Augusta Milton Milton   Farmer  
Dore John 12/6/1884 Wakefield     89 11 10 Newfield, ME   M White Married Farmer Dis. Of heart         Benjamin Dore Sarah Locke       Miller  
Dore John B. 10/14/1851         12 24 Boston                                 Recorded by Ossipee town clerk
Dore John C. 9/18/1885 Ossipee     67 11 3     M White Married Farmer Obstruction of intestines                      
Dore John E. 6/21/1879 Wolfeborough       7 3 Wolfeborough   M White Single             Henry F. Dore Sarah A. Dore          
Dore John Everett   Ossipee   78 years 78 0 8 Middleton, Mass 6/4/1850 M White Married Section Foreman, B&M Hypostatic pneumonia, chronic myocarditis One week Ossipee, NH 6/15/1928 Family John C. Dore Mary Hanson Ossipee, NH Dover, NH   Farmer  
Dore John G. 11/12/1881 Tamworth     26 0 0     M White Single   Consumption         Jacob C. Dore            
Dore Joseph 1/18/1906 Alton, NH     80 11 6 Alton 2/12/1825 M White Widowed Farmer Old age   Alton, NH 1/21/1906 Riverside Henry Dore Sallie Gerrish   Lebanon      
Dore Lucy A. (McDuffee) 1/11/1936 Ctr. Ossipee, NH     68 1 6 Tuftonboro, NH 1/6/1868 F White Widowed Housekeeper Myocarditis 2 years Chickville, NH 1/13/1936 Chickville Henry D. McDuffey Sarah Cotton Rochester, NH Tuftonboro, NH   Farmer  
Dore Mary 11/??/1863 Milton     82 0 10 Berwick, ME   F White Single Farmer Consumption         Daniel Dorcas Garland Unknown Unknown      
Dore Mary A. 12/28/1900 Farmington, NH     66 6 16 Somersworth, NH   F White Widow Housewife Serebro Spinal Sclerosis         Momson(?)         Carpenter  
Dore Mary A. 10/19/1888 Wolfeboro     0 0 0 Wolfeboro   F White Single   Congenital weakness         Henry Dore Susan A. Hanson Ossipee, NH Wolfeboro   Laborer  
Dore Oliver 7/20/1887 Dover, NH     80 5 0 Lebanon, ME   M White Married Machinist Angina pectoris         Benjamin Dore Betsey Lord Lebanon Lebanon, ME   Farmer  
Dore Orrissa E. 6/15/1896 Sanford, ME     47 11 21 Lisbon, NH(?)   F White Married Housekeeper General Paralysis of(?) Insane(?)   New Durham, NH(?)     Chas. Adams Betsey E. Farnsworth       Painter  
Dore S.P.   Somersworth     28 0 0       White                           Date of death listed as 1854
Dore Temina(?) A. 3/10/1885 Dover     46 0 0 Tuftonborough   F White Married   Alcoholism         Samuel Temina (?)          
Dore Wentworth 2/20/1851 Rollinsford     42 0 0 Rollinsford         Laborer Consumption                      
Dorr Charles H. 10/6/1923 Milton Milton 4 years 70 9 8 Milton 12/28/1852 M White Divorced Laborer Natural causes, probably heart disease Short Milton 10/8/1923 Plummer (Silver St.) Amasa Dorr Sarah A. Ellis Lebanon, ME Middleton, NH   Laborer  
Dorr Hannah P. 3/19/1887 Ossipee, NH     84 0 0 Ossipee, NH   F White Widowed Housekeeper Old age             Ossipee, NH        
Dorr Henry P. 10/24/1905 Orland, ME     74 4 24 Orland   M White Married Farmer Apoplexy         Daniel Dorr Betsy Harriman Castine, ME Maine   Farmer  
Dorr Isaac B. 7/1/1891 Milton Mills, NH     70 0 5 Milton NH   M White Married Laborer Heart failure   Milton Mills, NH     Beniah Dorr Mary Pray Milton, NH Berwick, ME   Farmer  
Dorr Lemuel T. 11/27/1901 Bucksport, ME     82 6 8 Bucksport   M White Married   Cerebral Hemmorage         John Dorr Lorine Treworgey Bucksport Penobscot, ME      
Dorr Lizzie S. (Maddox) 9/13/1920 Milton Milton Mills 55 years 74 6 25 North Shapleigh, ME 2/19/1846 F White Widowed Housewife Carcinoma of stomach   Milton 9/16/1920 Milton Mills Stephen Maddox Sally Moore Newfield, ME Newfield, ME James F. Dorr Farmer  
Dorr Oliver P. 10/8/1901 Orland, ME     71 4 2 Orland, ME   M White Married Sea Captain Paralysis         Joseph Dorr Tabatha Gross Penobscot, ME Orland, ME   Farmer  
Dorr Samuel H. 7/29/1892 Effingham       0 0 Ossipee, NH   M White Married Farmer Consumption       Moore Cemetery Ezra Dorr Aphania Hodge Ossipee, NH Wofeboro, NH   Farmer