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Following are some documents of interest to Dore/Door/Dorr researchers. Click on the small image to enlarge.



deed.jpg (249959 bytes) Early land deed of Benjamin S. Dore of Lebanon, Maine, circa 1811. It's interesting to note that the deed lists the grantor as Benjamin "Door", although Benjamin clearly signs his name "Dore". Many early records from Lebanon list the resident families as "Door", as well.
lebanonmeetinghouse.jpg (465125 bytes) This sketch of the location of pews in the meeting house in Lebanon, Maine was copied from the original town clerk's book circa 1775. The Dorr family is prominently represented in the meeting house, as five pews are occupied by Dorr heads-of-families.
beniahdoresrevolutionarywarservice.jpg (463118 bytes) This letter from New Hampshire Secretary of State John Hadley (ca.1855) confirms the Revolutionary War service of Beniah Dore (Richard1 Phillip2 Henry3 Beniah4) of Ossipee, NH.
1802ossipeetaxlist.jpg (516547 bytes) Beniah Dore (Richard1 Phillip2 Henry3 Beniah4) was one of the earliest settlers of Ossipee, New Hampshire. As evidenced by this excerpt from the 1802 town tax roll, Beniah could hardly be considered a wealthy landowner. He was taxed on 1 poll, 1 horse, 2 cows, 2 acres of mowing (cleared land), and 28 acres of wild land.
marriagecertificatew.f.dorralicestrangman.jpg (322610 bytes) Marriage certificate of Franklin Walter Dorr and Alice (Strangman) Dorr.

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