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Following are some photos and other images of various members of the Dore/Door/Dorr family. Click on each thumbnail to enlarge the photo.

Walter F. Dorr, WW1.JPG (128530 bytes) Walter Franklin Dorr in his World War I uniform. Family folklore has it that as Walter was enroute to Europe in his troop transport, the Germans heard of his approach and promptly surrendered. Walter never saw a day of combat during the war. John Clark Dore.jpg (137389 bytes) Steel engraving of Hon. John Clark Dore, whose modest upbringing in Ossipee, NH paved the way for a great deal of success in the business and political realms.
Herman & Sarah Dore (wedding photo).jpg (25097 bytes) Wedding photo ca. 1861 of Herman and Sarah Dore of Ossipee, NH.  Dorr family photo 1.JPG (59270 bytes)

This photo was presumably taken at the ordination of Rev. Kenneth Dorr, O.F.M. Pictured are (L-R) Walter F. Dorr, Maude Dorr, Alice Strangman (seated), and Rev. Kenneth Dorr.

Clifford B. "Chippie" Dorr at Salisbury Beach, Mass. ca. 1921. Mary A. (Dore) Abbott.jpg (28068 bytes)

Mary A. Dore, daughter of Herman and Sarah Dore of Ossipee, NH, ca. 1905, aged approx. 42.

Herman R. Dore portrait ca. 1913.jpg (33144 bytes)

Herman R. Dore of Ossipee, NH ca. 1913, aged 74.

Herman_Dore_Farm.jpg (36563 bytes)

Herman Dore farm located in Ossipee, NH, ca. 1850-60.

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